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Custome Recovery TWRP Lenovo A7700

Custome Recovery TWRP LENOVO A7700

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Here I share Custome Recovery TWRP for Lenovo A7700

Custome recovery TWRP Lenovo A7700

Release Version 3.2.1

Credit : est

Special thanks to FIRMAN MAULANA for TWRP testing

How to Install TWRP on Lenovo A7700


  1. Lenovo Driver
  2. Minimal ADB Fastboot Driver
  3. Phone must Unlock Bootloader

Flashing TWRP Lenovo A7700

  1. Boot your Lenovo A7700 to Fastboot Mode
  2. fastboot flash recovery filerecovery.img
  3. fastboot boot filerecovery.img
  4. fastboot reboot
Size:12 Mb

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